Deck Staining

If your deck looks a little dingy, cleaning it can help. But to really get your deck in shape, you also need to seal it. Constant exposure to UV rays and rain can cause neglected decks to fade, crack, split and warp. Not only does a properly-maintained deck look better, but it also lasts longer. This is a multi-day project, because there is waiting time between the cleaning and the sealing. You can do it by yourself, but using a professional (Jonathan Painting LLC) will make life much easier for you.

A water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish. Sprinkle water on the deck. If it soaks in immediately, the deck needs to be sealed. If the water beads up or stands on the deck your deck may not need sealing yet. However, you may need to apply a new wood treatment. Contact us for a free deck evaluation.

Choosing a Stain or Sealer for Your Deck

Make sure to choose a deck stain or sealer that will repel water, resist mildew, and prevent fading in high traffic areas. Sealers and stains are either water-based or oil based. Oil-based finishes tend to hold their color a bit longer, but water-based finishes tend to be more durable and last longer. There are four major categories of sealants and stains, listed in order below. Each contains increasing amounts of pigment. The more pigment you apply, the less wood grain and texture are visible, but the better protection you are providing for your wood.

Clear water repellant often provides basic protection, including waterproofing, minimal UV protection, and sometime mildew growth prevention. Because these are clear or natural-look finishes, there is minimal amount of UV protection and the underlying wood will begin to gray within a few months. Performance ranges from 6 months to up to 2 years.

Redwood and cedar contain naturally occurring pigments called tannins that may bleed to the surface. On these woods, either use a dark-colored stain that helps to hide the tannin or use a wood cleaner that is specifically formulated to remove tannin stains. To maintain a fresh look, recoating may be done every two to three years.

Solid stain provides the most amount of pigment or color, and therefore the best protection for wood. However, it also hides the wood grain, only allowing some of the texture of wood to show through. Because of the excellent hiding properties, solid color stain is often used for heavily weathered wood, covering up damaged wood fibers. There are often more color choices with this category, so an attractive alternative would be to select complimentary colors for the horizontal boards or railings and the vertical balusters or spindles. Performance is often 5 years or more, depending on the level of direct exposure to sun and weather, and the amount of foot traffic encountered.

Power Preasure

Our professional pressure washing services get rid of mildew, dirt, surface oxidation, spider webs, bird droppings, and other stains without damaging your property.

House Washing Benefits

  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular pressure washing can prevent dirt and mildew from building up and damaging your home.
  • Gets Rid of Allergens: Pressure washing removes dirt, dust, mildew, etc that can be irritants to humans and pets.
  • Curb Appeal: Who doesn’t want their home to look amazing and just like brand new?

At Jonathan Painting Service LLC, we care about your home and your experience with us. We use the safest detergents and utilize low-pressure techniques, and we take the time to prepare properly before washing your home so you end with a better result. Before beginning any wash service, we tape outlets, cover delicate items like outdoor speakers, TVs and security cameras, protect door hardware, move exterior furniture away from the house, and inspect the home for any areas of concerns. These extra steps ensure a happy customer, and we never miss a detail.

Pressure washing isn’t only for the exterior of your home. We also specialize in restoring aged decks, reviving dingy concrete & pavers and removing roof stains. Contact us to schedule your next power wash service with us.