Painting a Restaurant

At Jonathan Painting, we have more than a decade experience providing commercial painting services. Our experienced crew handles; trims, stains and sealants for dining areas, kitchens and rest rooms. Painting restaurants is one of the services we specialize in. We understand the diversity of styles, weather is casual, gourmet or elegant, we are confident to provide the right quality job for each atmosphere. Working side by side with restaurant owners, we guarantee the satisfaction of a beautifully painted restaurant that will be easy to clean and maintain.

Trust us to create the right casual or formal atmosphere in your restaurant. We’ll achieve practicality and beauty.

Considering the everyday foot traffic at restaurants, its painting must be durable and easy clean! Jonathan Painting utilize anti-bacterial paint for most painting jobs, which remains clean and it easy to maintain (even to scrub). In addition, we’re combining our services, providing concrete and masonry staining service as well; just to guarantee the end result, having easy-to-clean stains and paints.

Jonathan Painting’s crew offers an assessment and consulting to all our customers in order to make the right selection of paint color, texture and quality for their needs, considering durability and maintainability as well.

Jonathan recommends to apply floor stain painting to furnish the atmosphere of your restaurant. However, it must be resilient enough to resist its undertaking, such as; spilled of food and drinks, and the constant foot traffic.

Understanding these demeanors allow us to provide specific service and techniques that will assure our painting job will look great and will be durable, despite the daily wear and tear.

Painting Restaurant Restrooms

Restrooms appealing has an important role in Restaurants. Jonathan Painting provides anti-bacterial paints that allows you to clean walls and floors preserving a flawless and hygienic appeal.

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